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Annapolis, Md. – VesselVanguard, the leading marine maintenance management solution, today announced an unprecedented extended warranty program for both new and pre-owned boats. The Vessel Vanguard Advantage Warranty provides comprehensive protection to participating Vessel Vanguard subscribers on boats less than nine years old, at an estimated cost savings of 20-40 percent compared to similar warranty products currently on the market. The Advantage Warranty kicks in when underlying manufacturer limited warranties expire, providing additional protection for up to seven years depending on the age of the vessel and applies to engines, generators, systems and components. This warranty coverage and the accompanying savings are available to owners of existing vessels as well as to manufacturers looking to provide a long term warranty program for their new boats. The Vessel Vanguard Advantage Warranty was developed in collaboration with SeaSafe Group, LLC, an industry-leading marine warranty and service contract company specializing in comprehensive and component coverage for marine manufacturers and dealers.

“This is a game-changer for the industry; and it’s the Vessel Vanguard service that enables us to offer this program to owners at such a great price,” said Jamie Gaskins, President of SeaSafe Group. “It provides a complete and detailed profile of each boat and all its equipment to subscribers, which in turn gives us the information and certitude we need to accurately underwrite their policy and provide comprehensive coverage at a lower cost. ”Since its launch more than two years ago, Vessel Vanguard has helped to streamline maintenance management and improve the ownership experience for thousands of boaters worldwide. For each owner’s boat and all its equipment, Vessel Vanguard provides a digital library of manuals, custom maintenance and inspection calendars, email and text alerts to owners and their contractors about upcoming service needs, and a growing list of features to help owners delegate, track and oversee the various tasks necessary to keep a vessel in good working condition. Notably, these many features also serve to enable a more accurate underwriting of risk, which in turn reduces cost of warranty protection against that risk for Vessel Vanguard subscribers. That brings significant savings to owners looking to protect their existing power or sailboats, as well as to manufacturers who wish to offer this extended warranty protection for buyers of their new models.

The Vessel Vanguard Advantage Warranty covers up to seven-years on equipment systems on the boat. The warranty applies to engines, generators and all other systems and equipment whose maintenance is managed in the Vessel Vanguard Boat Profile and covered by Sea Safe Group Warranty. Only active subscribers are eligible for the reduced-cost policy, with savings estimated at 20-40 percent or more based on comparable policies not associated with the Vessel Vanguard service. “We are extremely pleased to introduce this unique coverage program to our subscribers and to the boating industry,” said Vessel Vanguard CEO Don Hyde. “The Vessel Vanguard Advantage Warranty delivers much-deserved savings to boat owners who, through their subscription to Vessel Vanguard, have already demonstrated a higher level of care in the maintenance of their vessel. A well-maintained boat is a safer boat, offers more enjoyment, and significantly reduces the risk of system failures that often lead to costly repairs. The Advantage Warranty provides even more peace of mind to our owners and boat manufacturers with the potential to deliver even greater long-term savings. ”New Extended Warranty Program Gives Vessel Vanguard Subscribers Big Savings on Up to Seven Years of Comprehensive Coverage