My boat is brand new, how can SeaSafe improve my ownership experience with an extended warranty?

Large majority of boat dealers explain the boats engine warranty but what about the thousands of dollars in electrical wiring, electronics such as fish finders, radar/auto pilot, stereo and much more that is only covered for 2 years.


I am repowering my boat, should I buy an extended warranty now? And if so, why?

Yes, if you purchase coverage when the engine is brand new you qualify for platinum engine coverage which is the most extensive coverage plan in the country. It is also the cheapest when the engine is brand new.

Where can I get my boat repaired using my warranty?

Any licensed repair center and/or dealership


My boat is out of warranty, can I add coverage?

Absolutely, SeaSafe Direct offers coverage on boats up to 13 model years old.

What is the biggest outboard engine you will coverage?

Seven Marine 627


If I do my own maintenance will it affect the warranty?

No, you will just need to keep all documentation for the services performed.

Does the engine warranty only coverage the physical engine?

No, in addition to the engine we also cover electrical, lower units & drives, fuel delivery, multi-functional displays, steering controls and much more.


How long has your Insurance provider been around?

In business since 1979. They hold a A+ superior Financial Rating with A&M Best.

Can SeaSafe cover yachts?

Yes, up to 90’


I take my vessel outside the United States, am I still covered?

Yes, SeaSafe offers the only coverage option in the country that will cover you in the Bahamas, U.S Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada