We make navigating the loan process a snap

We work with a large network of quality lenders in the marine industry to ensure the most competitive loan rates. We can also assist you with refinancing your existing loan.

Contact us today and our loan specialists will work with you to design a financing program to best meet your needs. With years of experience, our team of experts are available to answer your questions throughout the process. We match the best lender to your specific financing needs without shopping your credit. Privacy and confidentiality is our number one priority.


Basic information gathering about your potential transaction.
We help you organize the required financial information for the banks.
Our staff will internally review and compare with our extensive lender pool guidelines.


Establish bank book value and select the optimal lender to fit your requirements.
We submit the request to the bank for approval and track it’s progress in underwriting.
We receive the approval terms and conditions from the bank and close whenever you’re ready.


We engage a title service to perform the lien searches and prepare the transfer ownership documents for you.
We prepare all of the bank’s loan documents locally, so there’s no waiting on the bank.
Most importantly, we coordinate with your seller or broker to ensure a smooth closing process.

What are some of the benefits of financing with a marine specific lender?

Longer Terms: Typically, we are able to amortize loans up to 20 years, which also means lower monthly payments.
Faster Decisions: Because the marine portfolio banks are familiar with the product, there is no time lost in understanding what they are lending on.
Lower Down Payments: Most banks require 25% down on big-ticket items. Our lenders offer products requiring as little as 15% cash, or trade equity in the transaction.
Title and Registration: We will walk you through the ownership transfer process with a Marine Title Specialist.

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