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LuminX Diamond Wax Advanced Ceramic Surface Technology


Even though ceramic coatings have been gaining popularity, there is still a need for quality protective products outside of the coating realm. LuminX has a silcon-dioxide backbone laced with high grade synthetic paste wax. Amazing on metal, glass, and paint. Surfaces will become insanely smooth and the hydrophobic quality is off the charts. Up to 4-5 month durability or use RegenX to further protect and prolong the treated surface for up to 9 months.

Store in cool, dry place. Non-toxic.

PRIMER-X™ Crosslink Polish


Primer polish with crosslink silica particles to lay pre-fill, foundation on paint and gel coat surfaces. Will remove dirt and light marring. Adds depth and raises gloss level.

Ceramic Primer for paint and gel coat. Fills swirls and marring. Primes surfaces for successful ceramic application. Repairs damaged coating quickly and easily. Do not open container before reviewing application instructions and warnings.

Thoroughly wash and dry surface before application. Remove all excess residue after use with prep solvent or iPA mix. Ventilation and protective equipment recommended. Do not ingest. Keep away from children. Store in cool, dry place. Do not ingest. Keep away from children.

REGEN-X™ Ceramic Rebuilder & Protector


Revitalize any surface whether coated or non coated in ceramic. Smart chemistry makes this a safe and fast way to create a sinfully smooth, hydrophobic surfaces while protecting what’s underneath. Versatility means apply it to almost any surface. No limits, no fuss. Wipe on, wipe off. Add this to your everyday surface maintenance and unlock the anti-stick properties that keep grime from sticking.

Full MSDS available below. Store in cool, dry place. Safe for Food Service surfaces. Non-toxic.