ULTRA LUX Boat Care Kit – MEDIUM – Up to 20-30ft vessel


2 DryLux XL, 2 DryLux Regular , 32oz RegenX,  and 32ox Detox, 4 Edgeless Fleece Towels

This kit is Ultra Cool. Make your friends drool when they see the boat. Even if you don’t have a ceramic coating, this stuff will blow you away!

Professionally Proven to protect and dry ALL surfaces excepts teak. Faster more effectively cleaning is REAL. With this group of products you will achieve:

  • Hydrophobic surfaces on all materials
  • Instant non-stick, great for blocking fish blood and kid messes.
  • UV resistance on ALL materials
  • Faster dry times, gentle, and much cleaner too.


This Kit was designed for efficiency & effectiveness in maintaining your boat season after season. LESS CLEANING AND DRYING Guaranteed.



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