Cleanse Grime Eraser


Powerful grime lifting cleaners make Cleanse one of the staple products to have in your detail cabinet. Safe to use on leather, cloth, vinyl upholstery, carpet, boat decks, bilges, and more! Great for stripping wax and debugging. The surfactants in Cleanse emulsify dirt and oily residues immediately allowing you to wipe, rinse, or erase away with little effort. This product is biodegradable and water based.

Store in cool, dry place. Non-toxic.


DETOX™ Smart Soap


This bottle contains the smartest soap on the planet. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it actually has silica technology built right inside it’s chemistry. That helps to keep your vehicle and vessels cleaner longer via anti-static properties. Smart technology, amazing scent, and super cleaning abilities – it’s a win. Full SDS available below. Store in cool, dry place. Do not ingest.